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Security for your business, home and car

Welcome to CCTV Colchester

CCTV Colchester provides CCTV Services across Essex and Suffolk. Highly experienced installers offer a wide range of services from complex Commercial CCTV to competitively priced Home CCTV Systems.

Why should you have CCTV?

Businesses are suffering huge losses each year due to theft and fraud. More and more local businesses and home owners than ever are turning to CCTV cameras as an additional line of defence. Investing in a risk management system is one of the most most effective ways for businesses to instantly deter crime and protect your assets.

Business owners must always protect themselves from common threats including:

  • Consumer & Employee Fraud: Credit card schemes to slip-and-fall scams and workers’ compensation fraud, CCTV cameras can provide you with the evidence needed to protect your business and you.
  • Retail Theft: Shoplifting is one of the most common forms of retail theft with other variations including refund fraud, price switching, and wardrobing. CCTV systems are essential to catch offenders in the act.
  • Employee Theft: By installing CCTV cameras in your business premises, you can protect the company from internal theft, like sweethearting, and provide necessary evidence for prosecution or dismissal

CCTV Colchester for Home

Home owners should have CCTV at home to protect what they care about most.

  • CCTV will help you protect your home from burglary
  • CCTV will help you protect your family
  • CCTV is an essential part of our lifes

Our top recommended CCTV installers in Colchester